Adventure Tote


Tote will be your favorite waterproof, sand resistant and hose washable side kick. It can also make your Cruiser work even harder. Convert your Cruiser into the fully organized gear hauler. Add one, two or three Totes to Cruiser to carry anything from beach toys, picnic supplies, groceries and beyond. Tote is specifically designed to securely fit in the Cruiser seat, with or without use of a snack tray. Tote can also fit in the Rear Storage Basket. Large carry handles make it easy to lift and carry in and out of the Cruiser, to and from the car. Tote is made of a waterproof, hose washable TPU coated fabric. At the end of your adventure simply hose down to clean and store.

Hose Washable

Outdoor Rugged

Pocket Inside

We exist to raise the wild in every child.

We believe in family access to open spaces.

In open ended excursions and the open minds that result from them.

We are for awakening and amplifying our kid’s innate instinct to explore, imagine, and connect through free play, boundless fun and the powers of nature.

Beyond structure exists fresh air, open skies, dirty hands, skinned knees, muddy toes and sheer, unbridled spontaneity.

Let us take you there.  We call this place the wild.

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(Not including handle): 16" H
Handle Drop : 10.5"
Opening Length: 18.5"
Base Length: 16.5"
Width: 10"


25 lbs


4.2 lbs

Hose Washable

Outdoor Rugged

Pocket Inside


Made of durable, waterproof and washable TPU coated fabric
Great for organizing gear in Cruiser or Switchback
Designed to fit neatly in Cruiser seat and foot well (Cruiser can accommodate 1, 2 or 3 Totes)
Tote also fits in Rear Storage Basket and in the &Roll and &Jog baskets
Hefty, padded handles make Tote easy to hoist and transport
Interior clasp provides closure
Water-resistant interior pocket keeps small items safe and dry
Utilize without Cruiser or Switchback for any storage and organization needs

Hose Washable

Outdoor Rugged

Pocket Inside

(1) Tote

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