Veer Academy - Winter 2023/2024 Course

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Buckle up. You're about to become a Veer Certified Guide. Our Winter 2023/2024 Course is the first edition of Veer Academy, where you'll become an expert in Cruiser, the world's first ever stroller-wagon crossover, as well as other Veer flagship products like Switchback and Basecamp.

Once you pass this course, you'll receive an official certificate as well as Exclusive Certified Guide T-shirts, mugs and other free swag. Plus you'll be part of a select group of certified experts featured right here on, where customers can search and find their nearest Guide to help answer their questions and concerns.

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Veer is a brand built for parents. That means you. We create products that help you and your kids stray from the over-structured, over-scheduled, screen staring world we live in. That's because we believe that free play builds confidence, creativity and social skills, and helps our kids develop into the healthy, well rounded adults they are destined to become.

Dive into our 365 Journal for guides and inspiration, shop “Products We Love” to spark your adventures and support the mission, or help us connect with like-minded organizations.

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