Catch All (Open Box)

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This is an open box item and meets Veer's Open Box criteria.

Keep your phone, keys, water bottle all within reach. The Catch All and Catch All XL can be secured to any Veer Cruiser, &Roll, and &Jog at any of the fixed attachment points. Additionally, the bottom of a Catch All's can be secured to a handle with an elastic loop to prevent swinging if desired. The product is constructed of durable tarpaulin and a neoprene-like material that give it water-resistant and insulating properties.

The Catch All is ideal for bottle sizes up to a Yeti 18oz Rambler and similar, and the Catch All XL is ideal for bottle sizes up to a Yeti 26oz Rambler and similar.

Up to 6 Catch All's can attach to any Cruiser and up to 2 can attach to the &Roll or &Jog frame.

Hose Washable

Outdoor Rugged

Pocket Inside

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Catch All: 3.75” L x 3.75” W x 6.75” H
Catch All XL: 4.5” L x 4.5” W x 8” H


Catch All: Suitable for bottles 3.5” in diameter and up to 1.5 lb
Catch All XL: Suitable for bottles 4.5” in diameter and up to 2.0 lb


0.3 lbs

Hose Washable

Outdoor Rugged

Pocket Inside


Spandex laminated SBR foam
Store phone, small items and more within reach
Elastic, insulating bottle holder
Tarpaulin exterior
Water-resistant and hose washable
Durable heat and stain resistant materials
Rear clip attaches to fixed points on Veer Cruiser, &Roll, &Jog
Swing stopping elastic loop
Nylon webbing loops for carry or carabiners
EVA foam bottom with drain hole

Hose Washable

Outdoor Rugged

Pocket Inside

(1) Catch All


(1) Catch All XL

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