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Veer is proud of its growing worldwide network of premium dealers.  Please take the time to complete this form carefully, and review our Internet Selling Policy and Minimum Advertised Price Policy before clicking Submit.

Credit Card Authorization:

By clicking Submit on this form, I authorize VEER GEAR, LLC to charge my Credit Card account for the full purchase amount on the full amount due for products and related charges purchased from them. Nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver of any rights or remedies VEER GEAR, LLC USA may have with respect to collecting any amounts due on account of Retailer.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy:

VGL and the Veer brand is committed to ensuring that the Veer brand stands for aspirational, lifestyle driven, high quality products and that the kind of advice, service, knowledge and support necessary to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction is available to end users of its products. VGL has concluded that advertising of discounted prices can negatively affect the goodwill associated with VGL products and damage the standing and reputation that the products have achieved in the marketplace. In addition, internet advertising of discounted prices may discourage traditional brick & mortar stores from offering the pre-sale and post-sale services that VGL believes are critical to maintaining the reputation of its products. For these reasons, VGL has established an internet Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy applicable to all VGL dealers. This MAP Policy has been unilaterally adopted by VGL to protect the Veer brand and the reputation of VGL products in the marketplace and to encourage traditional brick & mortar retail stores to provide a full range of pre-sale and post-sale services for VGL products. MAP POLICY Dealers are free to sell VGL products at whatever prices they choose, but must advertise VGL products at or above the minimum advertised prices listed by VGL on the current price list or other such MAP pricing document(s). Actual prices charged to customers may be provided by telephone, email response and product purchase confirmation webpages or communications. Advertising below the MAP violates the Policy. Violations include any price with “strike throughs,” any price coupled with discounts such as coupons or free accessories resulting in an effective advertised price for VGL products less than the MAP, and any price for a bundle of products that includes one or more VGL products. This MAP Policy applies only to a Dealer’s advertised prices, not to its selling prices. POLICY VIOLATIONS This MAP Policy will be uniformly enforced. VGL will monitor compliance with the Policy and will terminate its business relationship with any Dealer found to be in violation of the MAP Policy. Violations of this MAP Policy will be determined by VGL in its sole discretion, and Dealers should not contact VGL to confirm their compliance or to report noncompliance by others. POLICY MODIFICATIONS VGL reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or discontinue this MAP Policy in whole or in part. NO AGREEMENT This MAP Policy does not constitute an agreement between VGL and any Dealer who complies with the Policy. Each Dealer will decide, in its sole discretion, whether to comply or not to comply and, therefore, compliance does not evidence any kind of agreement between the Internet Dealer and VGL. CONTACT INFORMATION VGL SALES REPRESENTATIVES HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO MODIFY OR GRANT EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY OR TO HAVE ANY COMMUNICATIONS WITH INTERNET DEALERS REGARDING VIOLATIONS OF THIS POLICY. Nick McKay is the policy administrator for the MAP Policy and may be contacted at The policy administrator is solely responsible for responding to questions and communicating decisions about the Policy, determining whether a violation of the Policy has occurred and imposing sanctions for violations of the Policy. By clicking Submit below, you expressly agree to the conditions set forth in this Minimum Advertised Price Policy.

Internet Selling Policy:

In order to preserve the value and integrity of the Veer brand, Veer Gear, LLC (VG) reserves the right to not sell to anyone who advertises our products in a way that violates any of the following policies. Please sign, date and email to: 1. All customers will provide VGL with all company names under which they will advertise and sell our products. Example: Company A purchases a VGL product but sells under a different name such as ABC Company. Company A will be responsible, in writing, for providing VGL with any and all names they are using to sell our products. 2. All VGL customers agree to sell advertise our products at or above our established minimum advertised pricing (“MAP pricing”) as set forth in our most current price list or other such MAP pricing document. Veer products must never be placed advertised as on clearance or on sale bringing the advertised price below MAP pricing without prior approval. VGL customers retain the ability to set their own sales prices. 3. Our products must not be advertised on discount websites or on online auction sites. 4. All VGL customers will sell directly to the consumer. Third party sales are strictly prohibited. Anyone engaged in third party sales without permission from VGL will lose their selling privileges. Example: Company A purchases a VGL product but decides to sell to ABC company and then ABC company sells to the consumer. 5. No Amazon listings will go live on Amazon without the prior express written approval by an authorized VGL representative. 6. Only with written permission will we grant the use of product images, logos and trademarks on your website. Once permission is granted, provide us with an address and we will forward links that contain the items requested.