About Us


Insight, passion and intuition are at the heart of Veer.

Years ago, on the sidelines of a soccer field, a father and stroller expert – Andrew Bowman – witnessed as parents struggled to push tired infants and toddlers up and down nearby hilly terrain.  He knew there was a better way and imagined the possibilities.

Trusting his instincts, he gathered a veteran crew of craftsman, designers, engineers and storytellers who arrived inspired and hungry for adventure. From preparation to execution the team was diverse, but they all shared a common eagerness to join Andrew on his new quest.

As the team began to work, a certain dynamic began to emerge. This was not just about mobility. It was about family fun and spending time together, outdoors.  It was about opening their own kids’ apertures in their most formative years.

Scrapping convention, the team crafted a rogue, safety-approved, all-terrain vehicle with the prowess to embark active families into a world of outdoor adventure and unlimited fun. Veer had been born and the team’s purpose had been served.

Today you can find families pushing the limits of the back country, navigating the paths less traveled and traversing city jungles with ease and style in their Cruisers and other reimagined gear for young families.