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This dad lives for big adventure, monster truck big

What do monster trucks and the Veer Cruiser have in common? They are both built to take on rough terrain. They also share a connection to Morgan Kane, a professional Monster Jam driver and Veer adventurer. For Kane, Monster Jam is much more than competitive driving, it’s all about creating memorable family experiences and inspiring kids to think big. When Morgan is not behind the wheel of the legendary Grave Digger monster truck, you might find him adventuring with his two kids in the Veer Cruiser.

After claiming a number of regional crowns, in 2016 Kane went on to win the Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship. “That night was the peak of my career, competing against 32 of the best drivers in Monster Jam. The teamwork from my mechanics, the focus to find the fastest line down the track, and composure to be smooth with my driving is what made the difference.” It was a night he will never forget, and an experience made even better because his wife and family were in the stands to celebrate with him.

Morgan has traveled the world with Monster Jam. “This is a very unique profession and I try to embrace every moment,” he says. No matter what country his work takes him to, he always makes time to get outdoors with his kids. And just like that big night in 2016, adventures are made even better when he’s with his family.

When we asked Morgan what he hopes his kids take away from their time outdoors he says, “I hope they both take away the experiences we spend together as a family and focus on living in the moment. We live in a fast-paced world that always seems to have our eyes set on the future, sometimes we need to just stop and soak in the moment. Feeling the sand in between their toes or the cool, crisp air from atop a mountain, I want them to tell stories to their children of the fun times we had as a family.”

"the true joy comes from the connections made with fans"


Q: Tell us a little bit about what you do professionally?

A: Professional Monster Jam driver since 2011, traveling world-wide performing for millions of fans! The coolest job in the world!

Q: What does driving in Monster Jam represent to you?

A: Driving for Monster Jam is the major league of Monster Trucks. Traveling city to city, country to country, nothing is more rewarding than being a role model for millions of kids. As a Monster Jam driver, you may only spend 10 mins in the truck competing, but the true joy comes from the connections made with fans in every city along the way.

Q: How does it feel driving one of the most recognizable Monster Jam trucks, Grave Digger?

A: For generations, families have attended Monster Jam to watch 12,000 lbs machines perform unbelievable stunts. Grave Digger is a name that fans expect to give them a show. Putting on the Grave Digger fire suit is like putting on a super hero costume. Since 1982, Grave Digger has been bad to the bone, and it feels amazing to represent a hometown family brand.

Q: Growing up, did you spend much time outdoors?

A: Growing up, all I did was play outside. Most of my time was spent on the soccer field with my dad. We traveled all over the country competing and it truly shaped me to the man I am today. If I wasn’t playing soccer, I was at the beach with friends catching waves, riding bikes, atvs, dirt bikes, and anything we could get our hands on to race and have fun! Anything with a board, a ball, or racing, I loved it!

Q: What outdoor adventures do you enjoy with your family?

A: My family loves the outdoors. My wife loves family nature walks down by the James River or Maymont Park where we live in Richmond, VA. We love exploring new areas!! From the beach to the mountains, we are always looking to plan our next adventure with our kiddos!

Q: Since having the Cruiser, is there anything you would add about the role Veer has played in your family adventures?

A: Due to COVID restrictions here in Europe almost everything is closed, but the Cruiser has allowed Hendrix to go on almost daily adventures, whether it’s feeding the ducks, or crossing frozen lakes, the Cruiser is up for any adventure!


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