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The Storyteller, On The Significance of Storytelling

Exotic destinations and treks in the wilderness are all a part of Elliott Montello’s career on the sets of top TV shows and films. Often times he and his wife work on the same shows and turn these trips into family adventures with their 10 month old daughter Juno. They call Vancouver home and take advantage of all that it has to offer – from rock climbing, caving and hiking in the summer to snowboarding, x-country skiing and sledding in the winter.

When asked about their favorite adventure, Elliott struggled. “The list is rather long but a few family favorites are caving on Vancouver island, hiking to find hidden derailed train carts in the woods of Whistler and hiking across the hills of Dartmoor in the UK.”

“We first discovered the Veer Cruiser while hiking a trail in Whistler when Em was just 3 months pregnant. We knew instantly that it was going to be ideal for Juno when she was born. We’ve taken it to insane places…up snowy mountains and on boats filled to the brim with supplies.”

As someone that works in film, helping craft and tell stories visually, it’s only fitting that he hopes the one thing Juno takes away from all of their adventures and travels are the stories. “The future belongs to storytellers after all, so we want to make sure she has plenty of good ones,” he says.

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