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The Fastest Man in Stand Up Paddle Boarding Adds a New Title: Dad

The Fastest Man in Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Gold Medal Winning World Champion, and now Connor Baxter also has a new title…Dad. Starting his SUP career at just 15, he has won three Molokai 2 Oahu titles, two Pacific Paddles Games championships, and two Standup World Series championships — taking home a gold medal at the 2019 Pan American Games and countless other victories. As SUP has evolved as a professional sport, Connor has been at the lead. He has raced around the world, but Maui is home and still his favorite.

Connor grew up on the water in Hawaii — surfing, windsurfing or exploring all its islands by boat. Now he’s looking forward to introducing his son, Trestle to those same adventures:

“I can’t wait to share all the fun water sports my dad taught me and all the amazing hikes and waterfalls we went to when I was young.”

The water is life for Connor: his passion and profession. He hopes that as they begin to adventure together as a family, that his son will learn “to always respect nature and utilize the great outdoors to have fun. Also to always be an ocean warrior and protect our natural playground.”

Still an infant, Trestle mostly spends his time on land, while mom and dad take turns surfing the waves, but Veer has already made their beach days easier. “You can load the wagon up with your kid and charge anywhere from the mountains to the beach,” Connor says. “Which fits our lifestyle perfectly. Veer is the one stop shop for all your adventuring needs.”

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