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Spearfishing World Record Holder: The Importance of Family

After hunting 282-pound yellowfin tuna in the open waters, captaining the USA Spearfishing team and landing 18 world records, Cameron Kirkconnell has more than earned the “master mariner” moniker. He lives for the adventure…and for sharing the experience with his children.

Cameron grew up hunting, fishing, and diving every chance he had and was always after the next big adventure. From Indonesia to the Bahamas, he leads trips and teaches spearfisherman all around the world helping them catch their own record breaking fish. No matter how big the fish though, when his family isn’t with him he says, “I feel like it doesn’t count. I’d rather have a skunked adventure with them than the fish of my life without them.”

Nothing could beat seeing his son Connor put a mask on for the first time, looking below the surface of the ocean in front of his family’s house in the Cayman Islands (the same location where he did his own first dive). “Every first with the kids is amazing.”

“Anyone with kids knows there is nothing like sharing what you love with them, and seeing their fresh love of each part of it is unparalleled.”

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